Hathor Voicehealing

In April 2022 I took a Unitary Reiki course. The symbols used in Reiki are also chanted. I experienced that the symbols used are extra strengthened by this. Just as Reiki can be given at a distance, this can also be given with Unitary Reiki. Because my first sessions were online, I noticed that this way of 'remote' healing was very close to myself. When a client was actually lying on the treatment table, I discovered 'my way' of giving healing using the Unitary Reiki Symbols. For me it works best not to touch a client but to hold the hands about 20 cm above the body and then give healing to the body and chakras using the chanted symbols. It may be necessary to remove an implant or go back to a past life to gain insight into any blockages in the chakras or the body. This created a unique combination of Chanting, Unitary Reiki, Healing and Reading. I call it Voice Healing a healing form that is initiated from my Higher Self together with the Goddess Hathor and my Spirit team. Hathor, it turned out afterwards, was always close to me. After a number of Healing sessions she came forward very pregnant and made herself clearly known to me. Since then she has taken her place in my life and my activities and meditations have always been intertwined with her.

How does a session work?

I am currently staying in Spain, which means that the 'remote' option is only possible. I always need a recent photo of you in advance. On the basis of this photo I commute which symbols I can use with which chakra. We agree on a time for the treatment to begin. Make sure that you are undisturbed, quiet and comfortable, with a blanket and everything you think you need at that moment. The treatment takes about an hour, depending on what presents itself. Via Zoom you can listen, if you want, to my singing. Experience shows that this is experienced as very relaxing. During the Voice healing I also use singing bowls. After the Voice healing of each chakra I make a short note which we discuss together after the treatment. All in all, a Voice healing takes about 2 hours, half an hour of preparation, an hour of healing and half an hour of discussion. The exchange is € 55,-