Dragon energy is a whole powerful energy, coming from other spheres/dimensions. In myths and even children's stories we often see the dragon as a dangerous creature against which must be fought. In China too, stories are often told with in the lead role the dragon. As a result, dragons can no longer be ignored. There is often a certain one attraction to these "mythical" creatures. Or dragons ever really have exist, opinions are divided on that. If you are open to the energy of the dragons then beautiful things can happen.

The arise

The dragons descended on Earth a long, long time ago. From dust and stone they set themselves as guardians of the Earth. They're like that formed that they could withstand the heat on the newly formed earth full of fire survive.
They are deeply connected to the origin of the earth and are still fulfilling today  their role as protectors of the earth and the powerful energy that is the earth
carries with it. Many centuries after the entry of the dragon energy, the dragons were asked to act as protectors for the crystals energy, so that the crystals would be used in a pure way. Finally was it was the human being who started using this power in the wrong way, causing the crystal power and the dragon energy fell asleep, so to speak.

They hid deep in the earth, in caves, even to the last dragon energy died away. The primal power of the dragons has all that time created a certain force on earth. They remained connected to each other and guarded the crystal energy until it was time to return it.
The dragon energy is deeply connected to Mother Earth, the ley lines and places of power.

The energy
For a long time the energy of the dragons has been suppressed. The power of the dragons was not available  because mankind is not pure with the powerful energy of the dragons. The power of the crystals is back awakened and so gently it is also time for the ancient dragon energy to manifest again. Just to protect the power of the crystals also to make the ancient energy accessible to humanity again. Still more people are feeling this energy. Dragons manifest in dreams, meditations and visions. And more and more people are being invited to work with their energy.

Are you also touched by the energy of the dragons?
They help you to deal with blockages, even if the blockages are deep lying down and often still unconscious. They help you get rid of your stubborn beliefs and will not do so gently. The dragon energy is one confrontational energy and they help under the motto ' gentle healers make smelly wounds". The dragon energy is an energy that must be felt, your ratio has no control over that! They connect directly with your heart and help you to manifest what is in your heart.
Dragons are (spiritual) light beings, their energy is mainly met perceptible to our inner senses. Dragons are deeply connected to it origin of the earth and they still fulfill a role as guardians and protectors from the earth.

Dragons also support your development path and they bring more balance and harmony in your life. Dragons put you in touch with your true self, you inner strength and passion. So that you can grow and develop further and become who you really are on earth.
Their energy manifests in people who are attracted to their pure loving primal power and who are ready to work with dragons.

Dragons are special healers that bring healing and unity.
She purify your systems of everything that still stands in the way of your lighting. although dragon energy can feel spicy and fiery, it breaks in a loving, but effective way to open 'what is stuck'.

Dragons come in many colors and they are connected to the four elements;

·      Fire  – spares nothing and goes to the core.

·     Water – brings out what is not seen became.

·      Earth – gives soil and the strength to get down to put what can be put down.

·      Air  -  for your dreams and passion to live, it gets you where you need to be.

Dragon energy is a loving transformative energy that your heart (again) receptive to receive, it kindles fire and passion back on as it is extinguished.

Dragon skulls
A dragon skull represents wisdom and is the guardian of treasures, you can take that literally and figuratively. From skulls are said to choose their keeper and not the other way around. I share that opinion. Many people find skulls repulsive… but still this one… and that's how it starts! A skull has its own will and its own being.
When you are the keeper of a dragon then you know that you are protected! Dragons are skilled protectors who lovingly watch over you.

Some suggestions to work with dragon skulls

To work with your dragon skull you don't have to be physically near you. When you are somewhere and you don't feel safe then you can make contact with 'your dragon' from a distance and ask for protection. Their energetic protection makes you feel instantly better. Of course you can also ask your dragon to join you (energetically) to travel.

You can also work with the skull by meditating with it, exchanging information. When the skulls  placed in a circle with other skulls or crystals, they also exchange information with each other.

When you're looking for answers, ask the skull the question before you go to sleep. Don't be surprised if you know the answer the next day!

Dragons, because of their strong healing energy,  can also be used for healing, for yourself, for others and for example, for Mother Earth.

The types of stone and metals used  in the Orgonite dragon add an extra effect to the general energy of the dragon.