Why and how does Tensor Technology work?

The Tensor Ring and other Tensor items are based on sacred geometry. The Cubit sizes used with the manufacturing the items, come from natural phenomena that are related with the structure of the universe, the solar system, the earth and the speed of the light. When copper is heated, while the wire
is manufactured, the crystal structure in the wire is aligned, creating a one-way energy flow. If the thread is folded in half, twisted and the ends are put back together, there is an energy flow produced in two directions. If the wire is then shortened in the desired Cubit size and made into a Tensor Ring or other item
becomes a portal of life energy and restorative information that is given back to the physical body, and other matter to shape.

Frequencies and lengths

Sacred Cubit:
Produces a frequency of 144 mHz which is the harmonic frequency of physical reality, and has a length of 52.4 cm.
This one frequency works mainly on the physical and aspects of life.
Helps materialize ideas,
Attracts abundance.
Has a vertical energy field.
Works well against pain.
Has a feminine energy.
Helps to ground.
Works on the fourth chakra.
Works well in eliminating unhealthy energy fields
Neutralizes wifi radiation.
Works against a polluted environment.

The Lost Cubit
Produces a frequency of 177 mHz, which is the harmonic frequency of the spiritual reality.
And has a length of 59.67 cm. Is a lot stronger than the Sacred Cubit (small tensor)
This frequency mainly works on the mental, emotional and etheric aspects of life.
Has a calming and soothing effect.
Works well against pain.
Helps balance the brain.
Is nice to meditate with.
Has a vertical energy field.
Element earth and aether.
Works on the third, fourth and sixth chakra.
Balanced female and male energy.
Works against a polluted environment.
Plants love this frequency.

The Empowerment Cubit
Produces a frequency of 188 mHz, which is the harmonic frequency of the pineal gland and interdimensional reality.
\And has a length of 73.3 cm. The most powerful of these three Cubit sizes.
Mainly works on the inner and invisible aspects of life.
Essential in healing therapies.
Helps to contact the invisible, spirit guides, protectors, angels, earth elements.
Feminine energy.
Element fire.
Works on the third, fifth and sixth chakra.
Helps to come into your power.
Works well for people who use their voice a lot such as singers, teachers, public speakers.