For years I have wanted to own a Chembuster. Not knowing that I've grown so far that I can make them myself!
A Chembuster helps to make your energy field so strong that if you stay with yourself you will no longer be bothered by strange energies such as radiation.

The Chembuster/life energy generator is able to neutralize electromagnetic fields from modern wireless technology such as WiFi and other disruptive energies. The harmful harmful radiation creates a disturbed balance of the natural energetic energy flow of the body and environment. The harmful radiation blocks the free flow of life energy, which can cause physical complaints. By using the Chembuster, the disruptive energy is cleaned up and the positive life energy will flow again, both physically and in your environment. This creates the natural positive balance and you also experience that complaints that may have arisen from the harmful radiation such as; headache, ringing in the ears, fatigue, poor sleep, migraine, reduced resistance can reduce or resolve. A chembuster harmonizes the energetic potential between heaven and earth so that a harmonious balance can be restored. In doing so, it destroys aerosols that are sprayed into our atmosphere. The Chembuster creates a crystalline energy field, which resets energetic stagnations. It exchanges negative life energy (DOR) with positive life energy (POR). This allows the natural clouds to form again and makes it difficult for chemtrails aerosols to take hold and disperse. Chemtrails are reset to their natural compounds in the presence of orgone, which also belongs in the air. These include O2, NO2, CO2 etc. Not only are you cleaning your atmosphere in your environment, but your whole environment is positively affected. The plants in your garden will grow stronger and animals will enjoy the presence of the chembuster. Of course, your house/apartment will also be provided with positive life energy.
The appearance of sylphs is a wonderful confirmation that the chembuster is doing its job.

Sylphs are a group of nature spirits and they take care of the air element, controlling the air currents and atmospheric conditions. They purify the atmosphere and supply every cell of life with the holy breath of the Spirit. They are the carriers of prana, or the life breath, which nourishes all life. On subtle levels, the sylphs transmit the currents of Spirit from heaven to the earth's atmosphere. The sylphs often have thin, ethereal bodies, gracefully transforming into myriad forms as they soar through the air.
Like gigantic transformers, the sylphs conduct the currents from the spirit of God to the spirit of man. They also work to clear the air of contaminants – everything from exhaust fumes and volatile organic compounds to toxic gases emitted from factories and other industrial processes – before they can contaminate water and the earth. The air element corresponds to the mental plane of existence, or spirit, which is equivalent to air in that its capacity is limitless. So the sylphs also have the job of purifying the mental realm, which can be polluted by negative thoughts that feed hatred, anger, racial prejudice, religious intolerance, resentment, pride, ambition, greed, envy, and other such poisons.

At the moment
I have made 4 large Chembusters, three are in a circle around my hometown of Miami Platja (Spain), including two in Cambrils and one in Botarell. They all have a range in height between 10K and even 15K, with a depth effect of around 10K and circular effect of 10 to 18K. The fourth Chembuster just finished, I'm still commuting with my biotensor what its range is. But today I got to 10/6/7.5 (H/D/Circle)

I made this
fourth Chembuster for my own use, but it is also for sale for those who feel that they can come and do their work in their living environment. Unfortunately, I live opposite a building that has telephone antennas and possibly 4 or 5G antennas. This Chembuster is intuitively tuned to that, it contains a lot of iron, Lemurian crystals and Lemurian smoke crystals, shungite and on top is a large chunk with Tourmaline.

In the meantime
I dare to say that I am very experienced in making orgonites and that my high Lemurian Lion energy is embedded in everything I make. This is also very noticeable in the Chembusters!
Of course I can also make a personal chembuster, tailored to the person and environment. Please contact me about this, via email, telephone or website.
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