Orgonite by Anja "Orgon energy, slightly different!"

Something has changed !

Due to my move to Spain, you can no longer pay with Ideal. If there is an Orgonite you would like to buy, transfer the amount to my bank account and I will send it to you!!


I would like to share my enthusiasm with everyone regarding the Orgonite. 
An Orgonite radiates zero-point energy, cleans the environment and unnoticed supports (growth) processes. Take a look at my website!! 

My webshop is only accessible via the Dutch language!!

Where can you find my Orgonites in real life!

In the Netherlands: 

Ruben Robijn
Dijkgraaf 28
6921RL Duiven

In Spain:

C/ Sant Elies 9, 
43201 Reus/Tarragona