The emergence.

A simple mix of synthetic resin, aluminum and copper filings, crystals and metal wireable to initiate the Orgonite technology. This extremely simple
technology, is by Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897 – 1957), psychoanalyst and in
Sigmund Freud's contemporary in this regard. He came up with the idea
to stimulate and bundle life energy 'Orgon' in one specific place, by
the use of various tools.

spent quite a bit of time on this. We talk about in different cultures
'Orgone' as 'Chi', 'Prana', 'ki' or 'Mana'. Because the synthetic resin shrinks
during drying pressure is created on the gemstones, er
zero point energy (the origin energy in the cosmos) arises
negative energy into positive energy. It enhances the power of the
gems contained in it 50 to 1000 times. An orgonite works continuously, you never have to clean or unload the orgonite


In 2000, the couple Don and Carol Croft discovered that they were mixingpolyester resin (organic) with metal chips (inorganic) and this onethen pouring into small molds, obtained the same result as the accumulators used by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in his experiments. Carol Croft saw the importance of their invention and partly because of her gift to see energy, she stopped a small quartz crystal in the mixture, which greatly increased the effect.
Quartz crystals have the property of accumulating ethereal energy, too transform and radiate. But they do this mainly in a coherent way, so that in the Orgonite blocks and blocks they generate the generated POR, positive Orgone energy, strengthen in an unambiguous way.
In fact, these two people were the inventors of the "devices" that made the Process orgone energy into positive sources of life force. The small turbos turn out to be a sensation for many people..

Orgonite is made in many forms from synthetic resin with metals and crystals. The shape of the Orgonite is actually not very essential, but does have its own form of appearance. A sturdy Orgonite can take a whole clean the house of negative energy! Any form will do, where you you can assume 'the bigger, the better it works!'. The cone shapes are beautiful to place in the house. Small muffin-like models from Orgonite are ideal to put in your pocket, or place it on other parts of your body.
For example, there where you have complaints. A small Orgonite will contribute to strengthening your energy field and thus your physical and mental
well-being, such are the experiences of people who work with it and a positive one mood is not one of the most important things ..! That's important these Orgonites are capable of harmful, ethereal parts of it neutralize electromagnetic fields and return to positivity.
So all domestic disturbances by e.g. computers, cordless telephones, mobile phones, wireless game consoles, microwave ovens, etc. can be used with the
Orgonites are transformed!

Orgone, orgonite and the human body.
Our body has an extremely refined energy structure, which we know through the description of, for example, the chakras, the 'wheels of light' where 'Chakra'
in Sanskrit for state. We can also see this healing method in acupuncture works on the energy channels of our energetic body. The chakras, the energy nodes in our body, transform and conduct energy through us physical body. This current not only keeps our body alive, but above all healthy too!
But when a person is or has been exposed to trauma, physically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, the body will often deal with that reacted to fear. The result is a contraction of it energy system, often in one specific place in the body. Usually likes the body holds on to this contraction/cramp because it doesn't know that the
traumatic experience is over. But this contraction does cause thrust of the natural energy flow in our body. This creates a disturbance balance and weakening of the whole system. Illness has a chance to spread manifest in the body. A person can go through this process unconsciously creating a kind of energy clot that stagnates the free flow of energy or even stop completely.

So wearing an Orgonite or having one in your home is one energetic transformer in your energy field. It will make you armored energy fields are cleared! And of course the effect depends of these Orgonites depends on the intensity and the age of your armored energy blocks. So it can have an effect immediately, or it can take longer it seems like nothing is happening! But it ALWAYS WORKS! Even when you work in an environment that has a lot of negative energy
such as office buildings that are often rigid, austere and lifeless and/or there is a lot of technical equipment in your house that emit harmful energy.
It is clear that Orgonite has a positive effect on it human body, both physically and energetically. Life energy
that can flow freely creates feelings of happiness, balance and harmony. But the moment this energy is limited, suppressed, restrained or something like that, imbalance occurs; this creates disharmony and feelings of unhappiness. These negative energy structures can hang around a person for a very long time. When an energetic resource, such as the Orgonite, is placed, it will immediately affect this field and/or fields.

It is of course often a subjective observation, but many people feel, afterplacing the Orgonites, that the sky becomes 'lighter', more charged with vital energy. Some vegetables and plants that had gone bad in the years before flourished, are now standing together in their strength. Harvests become cavernous