How do you choose an Orgonite?

The website contains a number of ready-made Orgonites. You can immediately
attracted to the shape, content and color. This usually shows whether the
used materials such as gemstones, metals and other additives
bring what you need at that moment.

You can also have an Orgonite made to order with me.
Based on a photo that shows you alone and that is no older than 3
months, I intuitively tune in to you and feel what is happening at that moment
is needed. I intuitively choose a number of stones, with the help of my biotensor I commute, whether the stones are suitable for you at that moment and / whether the combination of stones / metals / colors and other additions are suitable. This creates a very special Orgonite for you! While casting the resin I always play 432 Hertz music, the Divine
fundamental tone, which is absorbed by the resin

Personal Orgonite

The price of such a personal Orgonite depends on the size and which stones are used. Experience shows that the price is between 50 and 60 euros excluding shipping costs for a medium-sized pyramid shape. I ask for a down payment of 50% of the price in advance. If you are interested, please contact me! We will then discuss everything in detail