About me

On my 26th years, I came into contact with spirituality. In combination with my health, relationship(s) and work, it is not always been easy. As the years began to count I could better follow my feeling and I learned to listen better to this. The last 3 years this has all gained momentum. Of course it has to do with the current time and ascension exaltation. I have in my life have already taken quite a few courses, but everything is in the last yearmy life is of a completely different order.

All this is in Feb/Mar. Started 2021 when I met with Maria van der Geest of the Sterrenpoort in Oegstgeest. She has me told I am Lemurian and ancient Atlantean. That unleashed a lot in me. Through her initiations and participation in her circle of light I keep realizing more and more for which I am on earth. Namely
Bringing LeMUria back to Earth!

Currently I am walking and chanting in the woods and meditating a lot. My devotion to Lemuria is very great. In the past year I have seen many Orgonites, dragons, aliens and make skulls for the Stargate. Recently I allowed myself a gate call for Aliens i.e. they animate my work when I hit the right 'tone'.

I don't know exactly what the future will bring me
let me fully guide you in that. I do still make a lot of Orgonites and personally
tuned Orgonites. My Orgonites are also clearly inspired by Lemuria and the Inner Earth. Update: I am currently staying for 5 months in Vallmoll a small urbanization near Tarragona. From here I give Hathor Voicehealing online and make Orgonites for sale on my website and Ruben Robijn. You can also still have a personal Orgonite created by me. This possibly in combination with a Voice healing.

The Spirits have called me to do lightwork and healing here in Spain for Lumeria and our beloved planet.

the past year, apart from the metals, I also add oxides and tensor rings. An Orgonite is made by me intuitively created in combination with my biotensor so that there is always a unique Orgonite arises! I also pay a lot of attention to the visual aspect. I think it's important that you also like to look at it.
After all, this means making contact with the Orgonite! This gives an extra dimension to the operation. Also experiment I like to use objects from nature to add a soft effect. This one addition appears to work very well in practice.

An Orgonite can bring a space into the desired balance bring, release tension and have a healing effect on humans and animals. She supports deep processes in our being human that we are not always aware of. Through the placing an Orgonite you get a helping hand unnoticed.

A Orgonite does not need to be cleaned.

For questions or information about my work you can always contact me via the contact form on this website or just call me on 06 17 270 220